Workplace Exercises To Keep Knees Healthy At Your Desk

Knee injuries from being sat too long at ones desk costs UK businesses millions is lost revenue every year. Below is an article from a podiatrist in Cardiff.

Podiatrists are specialists on the hips down to the toes. Podiatry One explains:

Did you know that the knee is the largest and most complicated joint in our bodies? More often than not, no one bothers to think about their knees until something happens and they are not working as they should be. Strong, healthy knees are necessary for simple everyday activities such as walking, sitting or even standing up. Simple injuries to the knees such as those you get during sports or when you fall can cause these simple daily activities to be a nightmare. So how do we make our knees stronger so that they are not easily hurt?

The knee extension

This is a knee strengthening exercise. For this exercise, sit on a chair with the back against the chair’s back. Position one knee at around 45 degrees and place the other one on a chair or footstool parallel to the floor. Press the raised knee towards the floor using only your leg muscles and monitor how you feel. You should feel your leg muscles in your thighs tighten while those in the back of your knees will stretch. Redo this exercise for about 10-15 times for each leg.

The single leg dip

For this exercise, you will need two stable chairs. Stand between the two chairs, supporting your hands on each. Lift up one of the legs and shift all your weight on the foot that is on the floor. Try to push all your weight on the heel of that foot. Hold in this position for about 5 seconds and rep0eat with the other leg.

Hamstring clenches

This is one of those convenient ones that you can do while still sitting. While sitting on a chair, press the back of your leg firmly against the seat until you can feel the back of your thighs tightening. Hold this position for about five seconds and repeat for about ten times. You can do this exercise twice per day.

The straight leg lift

You need to be in exercise mode for this one. Lie on your back and put one leg straight and slightly bend the other one. Raise the straight leg up while tightening the muscles of your thighs and stomach until it is about an inch off the ground. Hold it there for 3-5 seconds then slowly lower it back to the floor. Repeat this exercise on the other leg and keep switching sides. Be sure not to lift your back as you do this exercise.

The step-ups

You do this exercise every time that you go up the stairs. But how can you do it if you do not have stairs to climb? Find a platform that is about half a foot to act as your staircase step. Step on this platform and let the other leg dangle midair. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds then switch the legs and repeat.

There you have it, folks! Those are your knee strengthening exercises. Remember that you do not have to wait until your knees are injured so that you can strengthen them.…

Investing In Serviced Apartments

Renting property to let out with Buy To Let (BTL) has been a staple for investors since the end of the last century. As interest rates fell, our enthusiasm grew to not only buy a larger house for ourselves, but to invest in what seemed like a never-ending property boom. 

In Cardiff in 2001 I remember an estate agent telling me that the house I bought 6 months earlier had increases in price by 30% in that period. ‘Would you like to sell’ he asked with a willing grin. I’ve only just moved in I told him. He didn’t seem to understand that I had bought it to live in. The following year it had grown in worth to nearly 3 times what I had paid for it. Could this continue? No, it did not.

Fast forward to 2016 and we are back in full swing again having survived financial meltdown in 2008. City centre apartments are back in vogue again after being the first sector of the property market to suffer falls in value. 

How to survive such a crash if and when it happens again

The best way of thinking about property is of a tool to supply you with an income now. With this in mind do not panic and sell the property. Instead invest into doing shorter term lets such as serviced holiday apartments 

Yes, the work is a lot more but the advantages speak for themselves;

– Earn triple what you swould from just rent alone

– Easy access to your property with no rights for the guests staying there. (No more squatters and no more giving 24 hours notice to turn up to inspect the property.)

– Build a business with a real future in a growing market. 


By increasing your income in this new market you can avoid rent falls, not worry about falls in property prices and make the business work for you rather than being a slave to interest rates and the other usual jargon involved with BTL.



The steps which should be maintained for business management


Management is the term which is often related to most of the things or we can say that almost every important things on our life. One of the most prominent and practical application of management are applied on the business and every business should be maintained and managed properly for the best results.

Management or proper management is the key requirement of any business and when there is a requirement for such, then expert managers should be hired who takes care about all the business management and important transactions. The Balance sheet plays the key role for the all business transactions and management and certain thing should be updated on the balance sheet for the best business ideas and deals:

  • Cash: The amount of cash on the business account and its appreciation depreciation must be noticed and managed. It is recommended for any business owner that it must have minimum reserve of cash for operating services of 6 months. The expense of cash and the cash trend must be focus on the basis of monthly, weekly and quarterly basis.a434
  • Liabilities: The liabilities are also another major aspect on the balance sheet for the effective business trend. The total liability is telltale sign of business longevity and profitability for the effective and best business management. In order to invest and grow business then debt or business debt is one of the best things.
  • Retained earnings: At last, the retained earnings are also very important for any business management. The one of the prominent and important task of retained earnings is to measure the business profitability over specific time. The investors and clients who are planning to invest for your business mainly focuses on the retained earning details only before investment because the retained earnings mainly tell the management techniques of the business.

The above three are most important things of the balance sheets to maintain the business and give gentle management to your business. The above three must be managed and maintained well for the effective business results. The business management strategies plays very important role for the establishment of the well settled business and these fundamentals on the balance sheets must important for the well maintenance of the business and their transactions.Business-Management

The role of business manager is very prominent and the experienced and have all the abilities to handle the business gently. These records should be maintained well for the best business management results and strategies for make your business runs smoother. The transparency is most important for any business and the proper business strategy is the key for the successful business establishment. The retained earnings are one of the most important things of the business terminology and this must be well updated and maintained for getting the attention of the investors. For taking the more important step for best business management, hiring skilled chartered accountants and company secretaries who are taking responsibilities of better management of your business so always update your balance with these details.